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iSOYLscout is a field scouting app for iPhones and iPads which enables growers, or anyone else helping to manage the business, to log features and problems on the land while they are actually in the field. The app makes the recording, monitoring and review of in-field problems and variations much easier for farmers.

iSOYLscout is fully integrated into SOYL’s online data portal MySOYL and transfers the information recorded quickly and easily via the cloud for later scrutiny and monitoring.

Following the success of the iSOYL variable-rate app, iSOYLscout takes field walking to another level of simplicity. It enables growers and their agronomists to achieve greater attention to detail, all delivered through the simple SOYL interface growers are used to.

The app can be used in any number of situations to log and record information around the farm. For example, growers could open the app and note patches of black-grass to refer back to when making spraying plans, or log the location of natural features such as trees or ponds which will help when creating crop protection application plans perhaps months or even years later.

How does iSOYLscout work?

iSOYLscoutThe app is not just for farmers. Access can be granted to anyone involved in the business, including farm staff and advisors such as the agronomist. It works on both iPads and iPhones and is available free of charge from the Apple App Store.

A user first sets up the area of interest which can be set at various scales to capture a single field, a section of the farm or the whole farm. For example, the user might select this according to the information they want to record which could be anything from areas of weeds or waterlogging through to tree or game cover locations. The app will accurately record the location of these areas using GPS signal. The app also offers a manual drawing function which can be used to remotely add a marker to a known point of interest if the user isn’t in situ. In either case, the app will tell the user the measured area of the recording and provide them with the ability to then edit the area. This is especially useful for planning purposes. For example if a farmer needed to create an area of wild bird seed of 1.0ha, the app will note this and help the grower to accurately set out and record the exact area.

As well as areas of interest, any other information which the grower thinks useful can be recorded at a specific point on the land. Users can add and edit a list of points pertinent to their farm. Information can be noted via GPS or manually. Free text edits of any length and photographs can be added too.

Making use of the data

The real power of iSOYLscout lies in its use in a wider business management context. Once the user has connectivity, either by mobile signal or on WiFi, the scouted data is uploaded to MySOYL. All those with permission to access the account can then see the areas, points, comments and photos which have been recorded. This is especially useful where farmers want to share information with their agronomist and vice versa for planning and management purposes.

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