26th June 2017

New tool extends the power of precision

Custom ApplicationsVariable rate applications have just become simpler thanks to a new tool from SOYL.

SOYL’s established precision farming data management platform, MySOYL allows farmers to explore and analyse their data layers to make smarter decisions. The latest version includes a new Custom Applications tool to create variable rate applications for any purpose and give users more flexibility and power than ever before.

“Custom Applications is not limited by product so the possibilities are endless; variable rate slug pellets, irrigation, herbicides, cultivations and so on,” explains head of products and development, Tom Parker.

“When setting up a new plan, the user enters the field and product details and sets minimum and maximum rates. Zones can be created and edited for different application rates or indeed no rate at all. Application rates can be set using a simple ‘click to apply’ approach or by inputting into a table and it’s easy to treat headlands differently if required too.

“Of course all this can be edited or undone at any time, including the actual fields in the plan. During the process the plan can be viewed on top of other data layers such as soil types, soil conductivity, nutrient and yield maps and used as a guide for editing.”

Integrating Custom Applications with other precision tools allows growers to make powerful, informed decisions to achieve agronomic, economic and environmental benefits. For example, growers capturing field walking observations through SOYL’s field scouting app, iSOYLscout, can copy areas mapped in the field straight into an application plan.

“Using Custom Applications in conjunction with iSOYLscout will allow the farmer to close the loop,” Tom continues. “For example, blackgrass patches can be mapped now and the areas recorded used to target control in the autumn.

“Slug infestation is another obvious use. Most farmers know where damage is done but by recording it more accurately with iSOYLscout, control can be targeted across seasons as well as creating a plan with the soil type layer visible. The benefits to targeting inputs in this way are clear.”

Adjustments for inaccuracy of application through overlap can be included in the plan together with automatically recalculating application rates based on total available product. The plan can also be exported to SOYL’s variable rate application app, iSOYL, or as a set of shapefiles for use in other application systems or crop recording software.

Tom concludes: “SOYL’s aim is to make precision farming accessible and relevant to all farmers, so the tools are straightforward and easy to use. There are plenty of technical challenges in creating variable rate applications but these are kept in the background, resulting in a user experience that allows farmers to achieve results easily and essentially concentrate on their area of expertise: being a farmer!”

MySOYL is available to all SOYL customers in a basic format, with a modest annual subscription fee for the more powerful functions. Custom Applications is part of the platinum package.

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