Field grain analysis 2023


Field Grain Analysis

The field grain analysis service from SOYL and Frontier Agriculture gives a real insight into how efficiently the fertiliser you’ve applied to your crops is being used.

Unlike our standard grain sampling which assesses the best target market for your grain based on its specifications, the field grain analysis service takes a deeper look at the nutrient uptake of your crops to optimise your application rates, maximise crop performance and achieve your premiums next season.

Advice on how to optimise your nutrition programme 
Nutrient benchmarking - showing deficiencies and excess 
Calculation of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE)
Full offtake analysis report



 Read more about how farmer, Oliver Williams, uses field grain analysis here


 Full nutrient analysis

Our field grain analysis provides a breakdown of your crops' nutrients in a detailed report covering:













*Molybdenum analysis is charged separately as an optional extra.


Informed nutrient planning

As well as an understanding of the nutrients within your crop, the grain analysis report will interpret the results so you can take actionable steps to amend future fertiliser programmes as needed for the following season.  

Nitrogen use efficiency
– The report will measure how much nitrogen was in the harvested grain against how much nitrogen was applied to the crop to determine your nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). This data can be used in future crop nutrition planning and for assessing your carbon footprint. 

An NUE of less than 60% is a strong indication that your current nitrogen strategy wasn’t at the optimum and adjustments should be considered.

Grain quality
– The report will compare your grain protein levels against the optimum for your chosen market and then provide an adjustment to your historic nitrogen applications for next season. You will receive an overview which will advise whether you have over- or under-fertilised based on your current grain protein compared to the target levels.

Nitrogen offtake
– The percentage of nitrogen in your grain and overall yield is assessed to calculate how much nitrogen was removed in the crop.

P and K offtake
– The percentage of phosphorous and potassium in your grain is used to calculate offtake per tonne of yield. If these results are higher or lower than the standard RB209 figures, then your P and K recommendations can be improved.

Sulphur - The percentage of sulphur and nitrogen to sulphur ratio allows assessment of whether crop has adequate sulphur supply. 





Single field sample - £35

Six field samples or more - £30 per sample

*With molybdenum

Single field sample - £45

Six field samples or more - £40 per sample


Field grain analysis is available to all customers of SOYL, Frontier Agriculture and Kings Crops for the following crops:

Winter wheat (feed and milling)

Spring wheat (feed and milling)

Winter barley (feed and malting)

Spring barley (feed and malting)

If you are a new customer interested in the service, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01635 204190.



How to book

If you’d like to book our field grain analysis service for one or more samples, please complete our booking form by clicking the button on the right.

You will then receive kit in the post for taking in-field samples, including a pre-paid envelope for return postage to us.



Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to a member of the team directly about field grain analysis, please call us on 01635 204190 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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