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Intellectual Property Rights and Treatment of Information

In the course of accessing the Services, you will be granted access to certain information provided by SOYL, its Affiliates and certain third parties (the "Service Information"). SOYL shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that such Service Information is accurate and current. You acknowledge and agree that SOYL does not warrant or represent that such Service Information shall be accurate, complete or reliable and shall not be held liable for any reliance which is placed upon it. SOYL's web site may contain links to other web sites developed and maintained by third parties. These links are provided solely for your convenience and SOYL does not endorse or approve the linked web site, its content or the third party maintaining such web site. Further, SOYL is not responsible for such sites and cannot guarantee the accuracy of their content.

The Service Information is provided to you solely as part of the Services and may contain copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents or other intellectual property rights belonging to SOYL, its Affiliates or certain third parties. You agree to deal with the Service Information only in the course of your proper use of the Services and acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in or derived from the Service Information shall remain with SOYL. Save as otherwise agreed in writing or as specified on the SOYL web site, no licence or right is granted to you by implication or otherwise, to the Service Information and you will not attempt to profit from such intellectual property rights in a manner inconsistent with the intentions of SOYL in providing you the Services.

You acknowledge that, without prejudice to the rest of this paragraph 4, the copyright in the SOYL web site belongs to SOYL. In the event of permitted copying, you shall not change or delete any author attribution, trademark legend or copyright notice.

You agree that the content, format, features, tools, capabilities, appearance and structure of the SOYL web site (including the general types of information selected and the Service Information) is and shall be deemed confidential information. You agree to keep all such information confidential save where the same comes into the public domain without breach of a confidentiality obligation or is independently developed by a third party with no access to such SOYL information.

During the course of accessing the Services certain of your proprietary information (the "Customer Information") may be provided to SOYL. You agree that any Customer Information is so provided without restriction or need for further licence, consent or authorisation from you or any third party and is provided without breach of any obligation of confidentiality or of any third party's intellectual property rights.

You hereby consent to SOYL dealing with the Customer Information for all purposes connected with the Services, including the compilation of data about the Services and your use thereof. Further, you consent to SOYL sharing the Customer Information with its Affiliates for the purpose of offering you further products and services in connection with your business.

SOYL will only use the Customer Information in a manner other than as stipulated in paragraph 4.6 above with your prior consent. Further, Frontier will treat that part of the Customer Information which is personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 in a manner consistent with the requirements of that act.

You hereby acknowledge that you shall be liable for the accuracy and completeness of the Customer Information.

You acknowledge and agree that SOYL shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the content of all parts of SOYL's web site.

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