SOYL Newsletter June 2016

1. iSOYLscout is now live

Jun16 enews isoylscout

iSOYLscout is now live and available to download from the app store.

An extension to the award winning iSOYL app, iSOYLscout accurately records in field observations and transfers them quickly and easily to the office for detailed assessment. This allows key management decisions to be made quickly and driving forward business efficiency.

To find out more about iSOYLscout, click here, call 01635 204190 or speak to your local SOYL contact.

To download iSOYLscout, visit the app store.

2. New Topsoil Mapper offers cost effective variable depth cultivation

Jun16 enews topsoil mapperInaccurate cultivation depth can be harmful to soils. The new Topsoil Mapper sensor system calculates optimum cultivation depth in real time, enabling accurate, efficient variable depth cultivation that won't negatively impact on yields.

Mounted on the weight block or front linkage of the tractor, the Topsoil Mapper automatically maps soil and field characteristics and continuously measures soil moisture, soil texture and the depth to compacted layers throughout the topsoil profile. It's a cost effective option, creating diesel savings as well as improved work rates through reduced load on machinery.

To find out more, click here, call 01635 204190 or speak to your local SOYL contact.

3. Are organic matter levels affecting your yields?

Jun16 enews soilOrganic matter plays a key role in maintaining soil's structural stability, fertility and water holding and buffering capacity. Adequate levels of organic matter provide:

  • Improved moisture retention
  • Less susceptibility to compaction
  • Increased window of workability for tillage operations
  • Better crop uniformity
  • More earthworm and insect activity.
Crop rotations, straw incorporation, cultivations and manure applications all play a significant role in maintaining soil health. To avoid depleting reserves to the detriment of your soils and crops, it's important to monitor and correct organic matter levels.

Testing can be done at the same time as mapping for P, K, Mg and pH levels, requiring just a little extra work for potentially great gain.

To find out more and arrange testing, call 01635 204190 or speak to your local SOYL contact.

4. Sign up now for new season yield improvements with SOYLsense

Jun16 enews soylsense2Extensive SOYLsense trials over the past six years have shown an average yield benefit of 3 to 8%. The advantages are clearly recognised by growers as more and more turn to precision techniques to optimise their yields.

This year's SOYLsense users received an average of 12 satellite images over the season which helped them to manage variation of crop biomass on their farms. Growers will receive one more image next week which will provide a final assessment of canopies before harvest and show the benefits of their variable rate applications.

The simplicity of the new SOYLsense platform has encouraged customers to log on this year to create more plans than ever before. The website will continue to be developed in response to grower feedback.

With more satellites joining our constellation, next season's SOYLsense service will be even more detailed too.

The SOYLsense team is always on hand to offer support and advice and create nitrogen recommendations. For more information on how variable rate nitrogen applications can benefit your farm, call the team on 01635 204198 or speak to your local SOYL contact.

5. Meet Andy Woods

Jun16 enews andy woodsI joined SOYL’s PK Mapping Team in February 2015. My background was in geographic information systems (GIS), so it has been really interesting to learn how this is used in precision agriculture. SOYL has a strong support network and the team helped me to quickly settle in and pick up what I needed to know.

My role is includes processing nutrient maps for growers, booking in lab results, processing trace elements and checking GPS data received for inconsistencies. I'm really interested in the practical capabilities of GPS, so I particularly enjoy helping assess boundary and point accuracy from these devices. I have been able to adapt my GIS skills to the role, producing Ordnance Survey boundary maps and trace element maps for growers. Maintaining SOYL's high standards helps provide quality, accurate maps for farmers. The role has recently developed into processing UAV data and yield data too. I enjoy the variation and look forward to the development of more services for customers in the future.

As well as working with the mapping team, I support logistics during the busy season, helping to manage bookings from area managers for SOYL's nutrient management and SOYLseed services. I like seeing a job through from start to finish and this is helping me to appreciate the work of other areas of the business as well. This collaborative approach is clear throughout SOYL and makes it a great place to work as each team works towards the common goal of providing the highest quality output and service for the customer.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SOYLprecision for regular updates on soils, nutrients, machinery and GPS.

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