14th October 2019

Two innovations from SOYL at this year’s CropTec


Precision crop production leaders, SOYL will use this year’s CropTec show to officially launch two innovations:


  •       Firstly, the introduction of a MySOYL software upgrade that enables growers to better map the profitability of each field across the complete rotation.
  •       Secondly, a collaboration with machinery manufacturer Claas to improve compatibility between SOYL software and Claas combine harvesters. 


Build a picture of field profitability across the rotation with MySOYL


A suite of new analysis tools from SOYL will enable growers to look at a range of financial performance metrics across their land and the complete farm rotation.

The new tools, launched autumn 2019, are part of SOYL’s precision data management application MySOYL which is accessed through Frontier’s MyFarm farm management platform.

Since the late nineties gross margin maps have been used to measure in field profitability but the new MySOYL tools take that analysis to a new level giving farmers with yield map data the ability to easily create ‘margin maps’ showing income, gross margin and net margin for each part of their land. 

Simon Parrington, Commercial Director for SOYL says: “This type of analysis is essential for growers seeking to maximise returns from every part of every field.  Being able to look at the profitability of each part of the field is useful in terms of informing agronomy decisions but also in identifying areas where an environmental scheme may be a better use of part of the field.

“It’s important to be able to look at multiple layers of yield and profitability data as in some cases parts of fields will look profitable in one year/crop type but deliver much poorer results for other crops.  The MySOYL margin map tool lets farmers select multiple years and build a more complete picture of cumulative gross or net margin, often with surprising results. With growers starting to look forward to a new era of agricultural payments and the rising importance of ‘natural capital’ management it’s easy to see how this tool could be used to earmark areas better suited to environmental schemes.”


SOYL and CLAAS make yield data analysis easy


Growers with yield mapping equipped CLAAS combines can now analyse their yield maps instantly during or after harvest thanks to a link up between MySOYL (part of MyFarm, Frontier’s farm management platform) and CLAAS’s TELEMATICS system.

As each field is harvested yield and position data is uploaded to the CLAAS TELEMATICS website. In order for this data to be analysed in third party precision data management tools traditionally the data had to be downloaded from the TELEMATICS website.  Typically this would be done after harvest.

The new link developed together by SOYL and CLAAS allows this data to be instantly synchronised at any time during or after harvest.  For the farmer this means simpler and quicker access to their data and allows the interpretation process to start much earlier.

“Often we are drilling oilseed rape crops straight after harvesting the proceeding crop and there is little time to review yield performance. This new link allows a review to take place seconds after harvesting the field,” explains SOYL’s Commercial Director, Simon Parrington.

MySOYL contains a range of analysis tools to help growers and advisors gain value from yield maps.

Simon continues, “Anything we can do to make the data transfer process simpler makes it easier to access the benefits gained from detailed production data. Customers control the data exchange and the link between MySOYL and CLAAS TELEMATICS can be enabled and disabled at any time using our Connections control panel.”



The MySOYL Connections control panel. 

“We want customers who buy a CLAAS combine to have every possible opportunity to use the data our machines produce, this type of link delivers just that,” concludes Claas UK’s EASY Product Manager, Edward Miller.

The new software link is live this autumn and follows development and testing during harvest 2019.


Yield Maps in MySOYL

Yield maps in MySOYL.

CropTec takes place at the East of England Showground, Peterborough from 8.30am - 4.30pm on 27th & 28th November 2019. Meet the SOYL team in hall number 2 on stand number 2.12. 

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