Within the MySOYL application you now have access to biomass images for any of your fields for the last 5 years!

Biomass images are acquired from satellites and are then processed to show the variation in crop biomass across fields. This gives a near-real time (the only delay being the time from satellite to MySOYL) images of your crops, fields and farms.

Here is an example of a biomass image:

Whoever has permission to view a business in MySOYL can access biomass imagery, meaning the tool can be used collaboratively between different advisors on the farm. The farmer can see how crops are developing and an agronomist can see how crops he is advising on are progressing. This raises valuable discussion and provides insight into the way the season is moving forward. Whether it is every hectares performance that is important or planning field walking across a whole crop block, MySOYL now provides the information to make more informed decisions.

Biomass images can also be viewed together with other data layers within MySOYL, from macro-nutrients to soil types and yield maps. How is soil type influencing the current crops development? What effects are pH or potassium exhibiting? How does the developing crop compare to previous yield maps of the same crop? The questions the user can ask are endless.

The last dimension of course is how crops are developing year to year. How did the same field perform when we last had similar weather patterns or was last in the same crop?

Having insight into crop variation is also of value when access to the field is hindered by the crop itself (maize or oilseed rape for example) and is often not visible to the naked eye in its subtlety.

MySOYL provides interactive tools for exploring variation, as well as a way to enhance variation on a field-by-field basis, depending on whether the user is interested in the detail of each field or looking for an overview of a crop block.

Example of enhanced view with analysis:

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